Green Linen Pinafore

$ 250

When I saw this linen fabric, I thought of sumptuous pine forests, emerald moss, and summer rolling hills, where I used to pick heaps of dandelions and pleat them into a crown. That’s what the deep pockets are for in this green linen pinafore.

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Don your pinafore with jeans when you’re feeling leg-shy or the weather gets chilly. Add a loose, balloon sleeve blouse underneath for a romantic cottagecore look. 

Made from 100 % European-produced linen, each pinafore requires  14 hours of work from our family atelier. Treat it with care. Wash at a gentle cycle and leave the pinafore air dry.

Size & Fit:

  • One-size 
  • The dress is very size fluid. 
  • The back tie lets you regulate how tight the pinafore will fit. 
  • You can wear it oversized or tightly wrapped 

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100% Linen Fabric


One size