Family-run atelier, designing uniforms for slow, sumptuous living.

Who We Are

In a world that sometimes moves too fast for its own good, we wanted to create a simple, stylish, and multi-functional garment. 

Inspired by generations of ancestors making clothing from locally grown flax, we created our signature designs. We went for a pinafore style—a simple cut you can style for every occasion: an evening gathering, a ‘noon picnic outdoors, or a cozy evening in your book nook. 

Pinafore store history

Our Process

Pinafores Atelier sources all fabrics from certified organic suppliers in Europe. We chose linen as the primary material because it’s biodegradable and durable. Quick-drying, naturally moth-resistant, and softening over time, linen garments can be worn forever. 

Every pinafore is hand-made. We make each stitch to last and recycle scrap fabrics. Each pinafore style is produced in limited batches to avoid deadstock. Our collection is small to avoid perpetuating over-consumption spurred by fast-fashion brands. 
We work slowly but deliberately, with a passion for delivering lasting designs for slow, sumptuous living.


We care about the environment, so our packaging is both compostable and recycled.